Groupe DesyTech - Your events communication partner

The Tactics

Do you want to promote your brand ?

We are aware that public relations are, nowadays, one of the pillars of tomorrow’s business. Events are one of these numerous branches. It is part of a company’s brand strategy and it becomes an essential communication action. Hence, we offer you recommendations to achieve your goals of reputation and brand visibility thanks to our expertise in event-driven communications.

Event communication strategy

Analysis : the benchmarking

As we consult, our Tactician “aka The Mad Scientist” will first formulate an analysis using external benchmarking (business sector, competition, etc.) and an internal benchmarking (your strengths, your weaknesses, your threats and your opportunities). We diagnose your company via different tools (4P, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, etc.), aiming to better interpret your business sector and to correctly meet the expectations of your objectives. According to your positioning in the market, we determine your main targets before developing the appropriate communications strategy.

Reflexion : the strategy

In the second phase, we provide a strategic recommendation according to your question(s), with the aim of introducing a creative strategy which will define the approach, the concept and the style of your communication. Then, we put in place a media strategy. This one comprises types of traditional medias (press, cinema, poster campaign, radio, television and Internet), and of new media and advertising approaches (direct and digital marketing, street marketing, events, exhibitions and fairs, etc.).

Practice : the action

Following the recommendation, we plan to explain our approach and adjust to your needs according to your communication events. We present to you a backward schedule to assist and to guide you through your new strategic process and to complete it successfully.