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The Tactics

Do you want to communicate more effectively ?

We are aware that public relations are, nowadays, one of the pillars of tomorrow’s business. Events are one of these numerous branches. It is part of a company’s brand strategy and it becomes an essential communication action. Hence, we offer you recommendations to achieve your goals of reputation and brand visibility thanks to our expertise in event-driven communications. We implement your digital and/or press communication strategy to reach all the channels used by your targets.

We are your french Communication Agency

Social Media Agency

Today, social media are an essential part of your business. They are the showcase of your company. Our Tactical Service develops targeted social media strategies to strengthen your online presence. By creating editorial and creative content, monitoring mentions, engaging your audience and sharing positive content, we create an online community that reflects you positively.

Maximizing the positive visibility of your image also means optimizing your profiles, biographies and more. Powerful descriptions, professional images and regularly updated information reinforce the credibility of your web presence. Following the recommendation, we plan to explain our approach and adjust to your needs according to your communication events. We present to you a backward schedule to assist and to guide you through your new strategic process and to complete it successfully.

Every detail of your digital presence is meticulously parameterized to improve your visibility and SEO

Depending on your needs, we can set up digital campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google Ads.


We have the tools to be alerted to every mention of your company or your name. Whether on social media, forums or review sites, we’re on the lookout for any type of comment. In the case of negative comments, we intervene quickly and effectively to minimize the impact and we initiate crisis communication.

We can provide you with a complete report on your company’s mentions and suggest solutions. E-Reputation can’t be achieved with a single magic solution. It’s a regular, ongoing process based on long-term strategies. The aim is to create or maintain a positive image over time.

Digital communication and traditional media

Maximising the visibility of your image also involves optimising all your communication tools. Newsletters, website, blog, etc. We create the web content for your tools to generate traffic to your website, to maintain a link with your targets, to improve your SEO…

The best communication strategy involves a complete analysis of your target audience’s behaviour. By understanding which tools to use, we can guide you towards using digital or physical channels, or a combination of the two. So we can include digital, traditional media and event-media in your media plan.

Event communication

The success of your event depends on a full briefing and analysis of your brand to understand all the issues at stake. Our tactical team has all the skills needed to complete your brief and pass it on to our technical director. It will be up to him to highlight your objectives. Groupe DesyTech will coordinate your entire event with a single point of contact to facilitate communication.