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A Facebook contest for Christmas🎅

Jeu concours collectif commerçants saint juery - groupe Desytech

This winter, to liven up the town of Saint-Juéry, we have created a Facebook competition accessible from its page for 24 days.

Le Collectif Commerçants de Saint-Juéry asked us to create a game allowing the promotion of all the shops of the Collective, whether they are open or closed. In this way, almost 40 shops have joined together for this digital action.

The ville de Saint-Juéry and the Crédit Agricole bank of Saint-Juéry are the official sponsors of this contest. Thanks to them, 1,000 euros of vouchers have been put into play. It means that 127 prizes are available, ranging from 5 to 50 euros !

The strategic objectives of this digital communication action are :

  • the lead generation of leads at the time of registration to feed the merchant association’s database.
  • promote the merchants of the Collective by contributing to the economic influence of the city.
  • win their customer loyalty and strengthen ties.
  • increase visibility and affiliate prospects.

Fruit of our efforts : in 15 days, the Collective of merchant is able to generate 300 leads, 150 subscribers to its Facebook page and over 200 subscribers to its newsletter. These figures are not fixed, the game is over in 8 days.

How about trying your luck ? 🍀 To play, click here !

Collectif Commerçants Saint-Juéry
Creation of the gift vouchers with selective anti-fraud varnish – Reverse side of the voucher with the list of dealers of the Saint-Juery Collective

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