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Corporate communication : why communicate ?


In a context of constant innovation, companies must constantly reinvent themselves. Moreover, in a societal system where communication is omnipresent, it seems difficult to differentiate oneself and to succeed in building loyalty among targets that are increasingly volatile and demanding.

As a result, communicating on one’s image and positioning has never been so easy and complicated at the same time, on the one hand because of the evolution of companies and markets, but also because of the multiplication of tools, essentially for external communication.

What are the objectives of business communication ?

The company talks about itself: its identity, its history, its values, its ethics, etc.

In general, corporate communication allows for medium to long term business development and/or the renewal of the company’s image. It is not just a matter of talking about notoriety or visibility.

Corporate communication has several objectives:

  • to promote sales through a better image with its prospects or customers
  • to convince and reassure partners such as distributors or suppliers
  • to facilitate the company’s investments thanks to the confidence granted by shareholders, financial institutions and other investors.

Why communicate ?

The very first objective of communication for a company is to make its products and services known. Through communication, the company positions itself on the market and makes itself visible to its customers, competitors and partners. Communicating for a company means giving an image of itself and its values to :

  • inform
  • seduce
  • build customer loyalty
  • win over prospects and the medias.

It aims to stand out from its various competitors while (re)motivating its employees. Thus, through these different objectives we understand that it wishes to achieve different targets.

A long term communication

In the medium to long term, corporate communication aims to broaden the target audience, create or boost added value and facilitate international communication.

It is therefore a vital asset for the company wishing to establish itself on the market in the long term and to evolve at both national and international levels. It plays an essential role in its visibility and notoriety in order to make itself known thanks to the creation of a strong identity and to distinguish itself from its main competitors.

Whatever the size of the company, it must offer a positive image based on innovation and competence thanks to the implementation of effective and varied means of communication.

Groupe DesyTech will assist and advise you in your communication. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, our skills will be put at your service to reveal your brand identity and achieve your objectives in the long term:

  • Digital and media strategy
  • Improvement of your referencing
  • Management of your social networks
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Community management
  • Advice and support for your communication strategy
  • Social Networking Training
  • Event communication

To find out more, visit our The Tactics page and contact us to find out more about us and how we can help you communicate better and more effectively.

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