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High Definition video capture : new products

capation événement régie vidéo

As those of you who follow us on our social networks will know, we’ve just acquired a top-of-the-range video control room for all your events.

In this article, we give you more details about the features of our new equipment. From now on, your events will reach an incredible level of quality.

Assets of our video control room

High quality Video capture

Discover the sharpness of images and vibrant colours with our new top-of-the-range camera. Every detail counts, and we leave nothing to chance to give you an unforgettable viewing experience. 4K videos stand out on high-definition screens, instantly catching viewers’ eyes and reinforcing the brand image of your event or business.

Advances video control

It works like a charm in backstage ! Our video experts ensure that every transition, every visual effect and every key moment is managed with absolute precision. The quality of your content has never been in better hands. A 4K camera guarantees remarkable visual intensity. All with the aim of creating lasting memories for participants and spectators.


Get online, your events deserve to be shared ! Thanks to our new camera, your Directs will have an even greater impact on social networks. Get ready to captivate your audience with content that stands out from the crowd ! We record live and rebroadcast on your favourite channels. 4K resolution offers unprecedented sharpness and image clarity. Details are rendered with striking precision. They allow viewers to experience the event as if they were physically present. Every expression and gesture is captured with breathtaking fidelity, providing an immersive visual experience. Watch the Annual Conference of our client Territoire d’Énergie 81 :

A passion for perfection

We don’t just make videos, we create experiences. We deliver exceptional results thanks to our creativity and passion. The high resolution of 4K video allows greater flexibility in post-production. Filmmakers have the freedom to crop, zoom and stabilise images without compromising quality. This opens up endless creative possibilities to bring the event to life in a dynamic and engaging way.

New products for the video capture

  • ZOOM LENSES 4K CANON 45x et 18x

Entrusting us with the video capture of your event offers a host of advantages that go beyond simple image quality. It’s an investment that helps your company stand out from the crowd. With a 4K camera and a team of professionals at your disposal, we are ready to capture every moment of your event in exceptional quality.

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