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Salon de L'agriculture 2020 - Stand La Drôme le Département - Groupe DesyTech régie technique

For the 3rd consecutive year, we supplied and produced the audio and video control room for the stand of La Drôme, le Département. (La Drôme, Ceremonial County)

In other words, for 9 days, our technical manager filmed live the various recipes of the chefs to broadcast them on the big LEDscreen of the stand and to make edits for archiving. He also made a summary of each day for the Stories on the customer’s Facebook. Finally, he managed the sound of the two live shows for the radio show France Bleu Drôme Ardèche Les Toqués with Franck Daumas.

It is always a pleasure to get back to the chef Jacques Bertrand and his team (Les Cèdres** in Granges-Les-Beaumont), the Master Chocolatier Luc Guillet (Valence et Romans), not forgetting the chefs of the Drôme middle school restaurants, Denis Maurin (Maison Nivon), Jean-Jacques Galiffet (Auberge de la Valloire) and many others.

Click here to see our control room !

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