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Spotlighting on light

Evénement Groupe DesyTech - Scène lumière centres de tables

OUR LED TABLE CENTREPIECE – Lighting and illumination

Table lamps are vitally important to outfit your reception tables, both for decorating and lighting. For corporate or private events, the standalone lights can be remotely controlled to make your event a breeze.

At gala dinners or other receptions, for a side table, lectern/desk or reception counter, our designer lamps fit with the lampshade customization.

They look great on a round table of 8-10 people, thanks to their dual lighting (white LEDs towards the bottom and colour LEDs for the lampshade.

In other words, efficacy and aesthetically are the watchwords for our centrepieces.

The advantage of this model is its autonomy ! 7 hours with 100% white lighting and a Red, Green or Blue shade colour (over 40 hours in minimum position).

Technical specifications :

  • 2 switchs under the lapshade (colors + light intensity +ON/OFF)
  • Wireless (battery & DMX)
  • Height 35cm
  • Possibility to customize the lampshade according to your brand’s style and identity.


Ovation Rêve E-3 of our supplier Chauvet Professional integrates our technical stock !

These spotlights are perfect for equipping a show venue like a theatre, but also for TV sets in replacement for or in addition to older, traditional halogen projectors.

They have 6 Leds shades, Red, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Amber and Mint, to produce adjustable whites from 2800K (warm white) to 8000K (cool white) at high CRI (Color Rendering Index). They also offer a wide range of colours, from saturated to pastel.

We also have the two zoom lenses 15°- 30° and 25° – 50°.

Ideal for video recording, the spotlights have :

  • 4 curves
  • an emulated “red shift” for a tungsten feel
  • a green adjustment to take care of the video recording
  • an adjustable PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera.

Several ventilation modes are possible, including a virtually silent one. Their glass gobo holder allows you to broadcast messages, your logo or other atmospheric motifs on floors, walls or facades. Your event becomes unique and in keeping with your image.

For more information, contact us !

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