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Do you really know what people think of you? E-Reputation is what people say about you on the Internet. In the digital age, your online reputation is just as important as your offline image.

Whether you are a successful business, a freelance professional or a public figure, the way you are perceived on the web can directly influence your opportunities and success.


Our Tactics department understands the importance of your image and reputation for your business. Today, it is fundamental to have a positive E-Reputation in order to retain your community and win new leads.

Groupe DesyTech assist you strategically to shape, control and improve your digital image. Here’s how we can help you :

Managing your social networks

Today, the social medias become essential for getting the word out about your company. They are a showcase of your company or your employer brand. Our Tactics department develops targeted social media strategies to strengthen your online presence. By creating editorial and creative content, monitoring mentions, engaging your audience and sharing positive content, we create an online community that reflects you in a positive way.

Monitoring and protection of your brand

We have tools that alert us to any mention of your company or your name. Whether on social networks, forums or review sites, we are on the lookout for any type of comment. In the case of negative comments, we intervene quickly and effectively to minimise the impact and initiate crisis communication.

Creation of positive and engaging content

It’s by creating quality content that reflects your values and your image that your reputation will be built. Reinforcing your image will involve creating blog articles, producing videos and taking photographs, or creating visuals. We ensure that the content created is aligned with your identity and positively attracts the attention of your targets.

Optimization of yours digital profiles

Maximising the positive visibility of your image also involves optimising your profiles, biographies, etc. Powerful descriptions, professional images and regularly updated information strengthen the credibility of your web presence.

Brand Reputation in the long term

E-Reputation doesn’t exist with a single magic solution. It’s a regular, ongoing process based on long-term strategies. The aim is to create or maintain a positive image over time.


  • Complete Skill – Our social media manager masters every facet of digital communication
  • Personalised approach – You’re unique, and so is your company ! We tailor our strategies to your needs and prospects
  • Measurable results – Our advanced tools measure the impact of our solutions to adjust our strategies
  • Guaranteed confidentiality – Your brand identity is in good hands. We treat all our clients with the utmost confidentiality

Get started, optimise your online image today with our Tactical service. Contact our Social Media Manager for a personalised consultation and find out how we can boost your E-Reputation to ensure your success and reputation.

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