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Who are we ?

An expert team in our field

Laetitia Rodriguez

Communications & Event project manager

La Creativity

Graphic designer

Julien Vallet

General Manager & Technical manager

Our history

Julien Vallet is behind the creation of Groupe DesyTech in Albi (France).
Passionate about audio visual technologies, he learnt with the best and helped professionals working on many cultural gigs.
In 1998, at the age of 11, he learned the ropes by sneaking past the technicians of the play « Frédérick ou le Boulevard du Crime » in Aix-Les-Bains.
At 15 years old, upon seeing technicians of « Alizé Création » unloading down his street, he decided to get involved and took part of famous Canadian Singer Garou’s Concert as roadie.

In 2013, after 8 years of experience as an audiovisual technician with professionals (AMG Audio, Spot Co, Groupe Novelty and Eveniums Concept), Julien Vallet decided to set up his company, « DesyTech », specialising in event technology services.

In 2015, he became « bePartner LEDskin » of the Belgian brand « beMatrix » which developed a system of LED screens and a modular truss amongst the most solid on the market for a unique and flawless quality of the provided services. Little by little, he is specialising in modular stands, furniture and space layout.

bePartner LEDskin

n 2018, DesyTech evolved and became « Groupe DesyTech ». Wishing to put the technology of a service of events and offer effective turnkey solutions for its customers. They reposition themselves in the market as an event communication agency. Groupe DesyTech collaborates with experts from many different fields to improve our offer : brand strategy, logistics events, event communications and more. Our offer has become integral to the organisation of B2B events in France and Europe.

En 2019, Groupe DesyTech became a « Silver Dealer » of the brand « SpinetiX » (specialist in digital signage solutions). We take advantage of this new expertise, especially in sporting events to increase the brand visibility of the promoters, sponsors and partners.


Today, Julien Vallet successfully puts the audio-visual technology at the heart of the event communication strategy and Groupe DesyTech has became an asset for the companies who want to communicate through an event.

In 2021, Groupe DesyTech acquires the status of « Gold Dealer » of the brand « SpinetiX », which supports our skills in terms of solving technical problems. We thus become real brand ambassadors while providing high quality digital technical support to all our customers.


Our values

EXPERTISE : A skilled team with strong experience (over 15 years)

RESPONSABILITY : Involved, conscientious, attentive

ADAPTABILITY : Analysis and a capacity to adapt to technical restrictions in the field

MODERNITY : At the top of the technology and of the latest event trends


Efficiency and satisfaction, an easy turnkey plan


The exigency in the service of your message